Top 10 Coins Annual Outlook.

Why crypto ratings has put Bitcoin XRP and EOS on its new report on emerging trends in crypto markets published yesterday the report which is called dark shadows with a bright future is based on the analysis of 120 crypto currencies and assigns letter grades to crypto currencies that have the best combination of adoption and technology XRP the world’s third largest coin by market cap is ranked an imper the report is the best position to compete with ‘Swift’- a global system for interbank transactions.

EOS also received an A grade as the leading crypto currency that is challenging Etherium in an attempt to become the new backbone of the new internet.

Bitcoin received an A grade for its Lightning Network upgrading the ability to become a popular store of value for savers and investors the world’s top currency is followed by Etherium which got an a-minus and Cardno which got a B+ that are highly valued due to their smart contract capabilities. Number one is XRP followed by EOS, Bitcoin, Etherium, IAM, Cardno then it goes Steam, Neo, Z cash, Litecoin and rounding out the top ten is Stellar with a B+. however, the results of another rating in the report dedicated to risk and reward factors are far from satisfying according to Weiss crypto ratings only four coins EOS, XRP, Bitcoin and Binance can be valued as a b-minus with none of the currencies getting an A typically timing is kind of proper. normally when we get the ratings from China we get the same rating or rather we get a rating system as well from the Weiss people is kind of controversial.


The best time to invest could be very mere

A lot of people talking about this some a little bit on social media, trying to trigger a bull market they keep announcing that we’ve other hit a bottom or that now is the best time to do stuff you should be buying we’ve had a lot of prominent analysis but no analysts who have come forward even the people who are like super bearish. Bitcoins going back to $300 they’re now also like slightly announcing that they think that Bitcoin has bottomed and you know Bitcoin could be going back up seemed like the general consensus it doesn’t seem to do as it was a couple of months ago.
The market is kind of going somewhere if you look at the prices right now. EOS had flipped the Litecoin, Bitcoin also went past once again around $4,000. It is the longest bear market that has been ever observed.

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