Crypto Exchanges are the New Enemy.

We’re not in a bull market now yet what we are in right now is a bull trend the ugly side of where we are at and where we are heading the scams are going to come back. the market gets the more creative and it’s not just coins it’s not just projects exchanges.


Who protects you or who is supposed to? what if they are decentralized? there’s no CEO or CFO who is going to protect you? is it the CFTC what they call Bitcoin a commodity and they say that they are supposed to regulate it but what are they actually regulating? The US Department of Justice is actually probed in two different projects but what have they actually done?


When it comes to cryptocurrency here’s something that’s really serious issue, the fact that that coins have been taken into wallets that you’re not controlling they’ve been sold on exchanges that’s your money being taken from you and there’s like what’s consequent to base the signal for that they have sanctuary this is that. you can’t depend on any regulators or any entities to protect and the problem will get worse.


So what can we do about it? Something peculiar about this situation, the investors who need protection there’s actually really good cryptocurrency projects who fall victim to it these exchange hacks who fall victim and the value of the cryptocurrencies get crushed so you actually have a really good project who suffers because of a hack and then there and then what happens is the community feels the coin is dumping which is a scam coin we see stuff like that all the time there’s not a lot of how can you say this you cannot do in the space of cryptocurrency without receiving some sort of a dramatic reaction and the drama goes both ways I mean we move up 5% all of a sudden people see it as trash.


What cryptocurrency does is that being said though everyone is getting excited and projects are getting so are the scammers so are the hustlers so are the people who want to steal your money everything comes with good and it comes with bad and we’re already seeing it happen.

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The three cheap yet hot crypto currencies believed to perform very well in q2 of 2019


Project EXPIRE have been working very hard to break out the price range that they are stuck in. It was being asked to be
removed from an exchange.

EXPIRE is looking at launching STO or if not working with STO in some kind of way. EXPIRE as a company actually makes money then it’s market cap currently is which is quite surprise for 99% of our blockchain companies that have never accepted a real-world payment. They are in the FNX voting competition when they list on FNX they get a lift on BitFenix and it makes them look a lot better in the eyes of many other exchanges because they will be listed on a legitimate exchange.

They’ve got a very high chance of being listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange during q2 of this year also they have got a very experienced team. EXPIRE recently acquired a company that had developed a Chroma app that will allow cryptocurrency to real money purchases on the Internet yet this is quite an undervalued project.


They are kind of like the twitch of cryptocurrency it is a platform that allows people to post content on HOWDOO in a way that it sends a ship free it is virtually censorship free and a platform that is very good for creators it’s currency kind of works very similar to twitch bits but HOWDOO token works pretty much exactly the same.

HOWDOO launches on the 29th of April 2019. HOWDOO’s current market cap is only $1.3 million this is a very small market company has quite good get potential for gains this is a company that plans to have 24 million users by the end of the year each user spending $1 on the token that’s 24 million dollars’ worth of tokens have been sold market cap now of $1.3 million you’d imagine that to be considerably more.


It is a really good solid looking project that looks to have some very good potential for gains however the price of it is up quite a lot recently. The company is a DAG, the difference between DAG’s and blockchain is DAGs are a faster more reliable way of scaling a chain.

Phantom is first project with DAG and also includes smart contracts retracing at some point considering how much profit has been made off within the past few weeks on how much the talk and value has increased over the past few weeks that people know and understand what phantom is rather than actually go out and buy the token at the moment because currently bought chain is not being utilized in the way that it should be is you literally just being used for pump and dump.

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Akon to have his Own City Funded by his Cryptocurrency.

So now what’s happening with Akon is he is actually building a futuristic city in Senegal? we all thought he was only doing the lighting Africa project but there’s so much more that he’s doing in Africa. People always ask this question who is Akon who is behind Akon? is Akon truly a patriot of the continent or is he a puppet seller being used to manipulate things?


President of Senegal called Macky Sall, gave Akon 2000 acres in Senegal about five minutes away from the major
international Senegalese Airport which is currently under construction and Akon says he is actually going to call it ‘Akon Crypto City’
basically this city is going to be built in Senegal and it’s going to trade exclusively in his own digital currency called the Acoin so he’s launched this crypto currency called the Acoin and that’s what’s going to be used to build this city and then those who live in the city will only be able to exchange and do business and trade using the quorum


Akon says that the Acoin will be the savior of Africa in many ways and just cryptocurrency because a lot of times the government is the one in control of the money.


Shocking to know white supremacist allowed him to have a cryptocurrency named after him also build a city named after him and this whole lighting up Africa thing has actually been a good thing, 17 African countries have benefited with 600 million people got electricity.


He claims to have built a hundred thousand solar street lamps 1.2 thousand solar micro grids and 5,500 jobs, so would you guys ever get involved in the Akon crypto city or is it something you’d be interested in?

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How does Bitmex make money offering leverages?

BitMEX makes money offering leverage by charging a flat % fee on the [notional] value of the trades. The order ‘Takers’ pay 0.025%. by offering 100x leverage, the value of the orders is increased and therefore, the amount of fees charged and collected also increases.

0.025% is a small amount as fee – so they have to offer leverage to increase the volume traded, otherwise there would be little or no profit.

Also Bitmex traders trade against each other not against the exchange. Moreover, BitMEX created a reserve fund to ensure that all traders are properly paid even if they trade with 100x leverage. Basically they profit from the trading fees that they receive.

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Too many Cryptocurrency? Here are the best one to invest in!

What is Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was the first ever Cryptocurrency Invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. There’s not much info available about Satoshi Nakamoto, not even his true identity. But the groundwork laid by the invention of Bitcoin paved the way for other digital currencies and led to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as both an investment opportunity and as a medium of exchange, a way to securely transfer money from one currency owner to another digitally and without the use of traditional banks or financial institutions.

Cryptocurrencies are invented to function as money, an alternative to the fiat currencies of the world, many of them are at risk of government seizure. One of those countries is Greece, a country with a 45% income tax rate, seizes over 900 bank accounts per day.

A budding financial center, The island nation of Cyprus, suffered the consequences of Greek debt defaults, forcing Cyprus’ government to seize depositor’s funds to remain solvent. There are financial crisis that threatens the survival of families in the Venezuela, It’s inflation rate is currently over 46,000%.


Cryptocurrency Advantages

There are various advantages of Cryptocurrencies as compared with traditional banking, money transfers, and fiat currencies.


You don’t need to worry about Privacy when dealing with Cryptocurrency. It’s designed with privacy in mind and obscure the identity of the sender and receiver of Cryptocurrency funds. Only cash provides similar anonymity.


There’s a wallet which Cryptocurrency owners use to access their currency and receive or send funds from a specific wallet address that uses a secret key for access. It’s Risky if you use an exchange to store currency. The record of the currency exists on the blockchain with a copy stored on every full node, a computer that keeps a ledger locally and syncs with other computers online.


Over 17 million Bitcoin are in existence. However, only 21 million Bitcoin will ever exist. Bitcoin has a fixed supply. Just like how Gold, silver, or other precious metals that have historically been used as money, The fixed supply gives Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies similar characteristics.

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Bitcoin falls face down with incurred loss of $15 Billion

The top 20 cryptocurrencies witnessed a sharp market drop, reporting heavy losses over the 24 hours after earlier today seeing major gains within half an hour of fall.

Bitcoin (BTC) broke the $4,150 mark again today before falling back under $3,900 to press time.

Ethereum (ETH) is maintaining as the largest Altcoin by market cap, which is over $14.5 billion. The second-largest Altcoin, Ripple (XRP), has a market cap of about $12.4 billion.

ETH has seen heavy losses and is trading around $139, after having started the day at $148. The current price is about 16 percent lower than the coin’s mid-day high of $165.

Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, the ones noticing losses are Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), with double-digit losses around 10 percent.

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies hit a multi-month high of almost $144 billion with shedding almost $15 billion to hit $127 billion.

Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick is launching an institutional Cryptocurrency trading platform subsidiary, DLT Markets.

News broke that the Russian State Duma (the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia) plans to review and adopt new Cryptocurrency regulation in March and that the country’s former Energy Minister, Igor Yusufov, is introducing an oil-backed Cryptocurrency.

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Has Bitcoin’s UPTREND Started? This is the Fourth time Bitcoin has Hit $4000 Mark. Stocks Jump amid US–China Trade Talks.

According to CoinMarketCap, following some red signals yesterday – Feb 22, Crypto market is still rising, with all top 20 coins up today.

The biggest Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), accounting for around 52 percent of crypto market, again broke and surpassed $4000 mark for the fourth time this month. At press time, Bitcoin is up around 1 percent, and is trading at $3,987. Over the past 7 days the oldest Cryptocurrency is up almost 10 percent.

At press time, the market cap is $134.9 billion, while daily trade volume amounts to $24.32 billion. Over the day, Both total market capitalization and daily trading volume of crypto markets remain stable.

Crypto hype is gone, leaving space for true crypto believers who have stayed to build real crypto infrastructure without speculators on the market, said by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Earlier today.

OKEx, the third top crypto exchange, listed Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its customer-to-customer (C2C) trading platform, this enabled users to buy or sell cryptos with five supported fiat currencies, including Thai baht, Vietnamese dong, Russian rubles, Chinese renminbi and the British pound.

According to CNBC, stocks rose on Friday as another round of United States–China trade talks wrapped up, along with growing crypto markets. CNBC also stated, West Texas Intermediate crude set a fresh 2019 high at $57.81. Based on OPEC’s ongoing supply cuts, Oil prices have risen to their highest levels in 2019 today.

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5 most commonly asked questions about Bitcoin

1. What is a Bitcoin?
A Bitcoin is an electronic currency, AKA Cryptocurrency, that lives on the internet. There is no physical “coin” anywhere, just a string of numbers. It’s based on an emerging tech called block-chain, where the transactions are logged in a string of blocks, linked together to make a chain.
According to the Bitcoin website, “Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen”.
Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the internet. Bitcoin can also be seen as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence, relates users.

2. What is the amount of Bitcoins out there?
There are currently 16.73 million Bitcoins in circulation. There can never be more than 21 million Bitcoins, ever. No actual circulation of these numbers can be seen, however, because some coins have been lost forever from theft and computer/human error. The number of new Bitcoins created per year is automatically halved over time until their creation is halted completely with a total of 21 million.

3. Is Bitcoin the sole Cryptocurrency?
No. There are over a thousand different electronic-based cryptocurrencies. There are 1,910 of them listed. Around which they sum up to $240 billion. There is a lot of money in these markets!

4. How to Buy and sell a Bitcoin?
Bitcoins can be bought and traded on exchanges, kind of like the stock market. Coinbase is one of the more widely known exchanges. Others include itBit and Gemini in the U.S. People are able to buy and sell Bitcoins with multiple currencies.

5. How do you store/save your coins?
The safest way to store your Bitcoins is to use what is called “cold storage.” This is where you store your reserve of Bitcoins offline. It could be on a USB flash drive or paper wallet. Then people can keep them in a safety deposit box or somewhere secure. The key is it’s offline and not connected to the internet, so no risk of being hacked. Some people do save them on their computers or on exchanges. there, hacking is a concern.

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Major Cryptocurrencies on the rise.

Cryptocurrency markets see a go sign after trading sideways at the beginning of the day. Nearly all top 20 coins are viewed to have minor gains.

Bitcoin (BTC) broke the $4,000 threshold, peeking the $4,010 mark. However, the leading Cryptocurrency is trading under $4,000 at around $3,981, having gained just around 1 percent over the last 24 hours with lowest price point of around $3,618.

Ethereum (ETH) is currently trading at a$147.62, rise with 2.5 percent. The altcoin is up around 20 percent from its price point of around $123. ETH is now up slightly over 18 percent month wise.

The third largest digital currency, Ripple (XRP), has gained 1.48 percent and is trading around $0.329 currently. By weekly chart, XRP has rose by 8.10 percent, with loss by 0.3 percent monthly basis. EOS meanwhile has seen upwards gains, up by 34 percent on its weekly chart and 56 percent over the month. Currently EOS is up by 7.76 percent over the past 24 hours and is trading at $3.83.

Binance Coin (BNB) and Tether (USDT) have reported losses over the past day, down 0.24 percent and 0.39 percent respectively. Among the top 20 currencies.

Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) up by just 1.66 percent on the day and trading at $0.0251 at press time. With a total market capitalization of all 2,074 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap is around $134.8 billion, up from $121.3 billion a week ago.

West Texas Intermediate futures hit a new high for 2019, up 1.5 percent at $56.92 per barrel, while Brent crude futures rose 63 cents, or 1 percent, to $67.08 per barrel, Andy Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates in Houston, said that “The oil market is supported by the OPEC and non-OPEC cuts from countries that are determined to see higher prices and supply disruptions.”

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CZ Reveals in Future Binance Wants to Add Ripple’s xRapid as a Partner.

On Feb. 6, revealed in a Periscope live stream by the company’s CEO Changpeng Zhao, A partnership with Ripple is getting considered to use its cross-border payment platform xRapid, by The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance.

Zhao — better known as CZ in the crypto community, Speaking in his first live stream ever, mentioned clearly that Binance is “definitely” looking to partner with Ripple, it’s native currency XRP is currently the largest Altcoin by market cap.

Currently, CZ also confirmed that xRapid is not a priority for the crypto exchange at the moment, also confirming, that there is “nothing going on right now” for the exchange with xRapid, stating:
“We’re focused on launching more features right now, so we are working with a number of other partners. With xRapid, there’s nothing going on right now, but in the future we’ll definitely want to add them as a partner.”

CZ also suggested that the emergence of Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Traded Funds — a development much-anticipated, doesn’t require for the crypto industry growth, As reported earlier today, during the same live stream.

As more entrepreneurs bring forward real blockchain and crypto applications, the industry will grow more as further mentioned by Binance’s CEO.

Through the Partnership with payment operator Simplex, Binance launched support for credit card Crypto purchases on Jan 31.

According to CoinMarketCap, The coin is trading at $0.292 by press time, with a market capitalization of around $12 billion.

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