Crypto Exchanges are the New Enemy.

We’re not in a bull market now yet what we are in right now is a bull trend the ugly side of where we are at and where we are heading the scams are going to come back. the market gets the more creative and it’s not just coins it’s not just projects exchanges.


Who protects you or who is supposed to? what if they are decentralized? there’s no CEO or CFO who is going to protect you? is it the CFTC what they call Bitcoin a commodity and they say that they are supposed to regulate it but what are they actually regulating? The US Department of Justice is actually probed in two different projects but what have they actually done?


When it comes to cryptocurrency here’s something that’s really serious issue, the fact that that coins have been taken into wallets that you’re not controlling they’ve been sold on exchanges that’s your money being taken from you and there’s like what’s consequent to base the signal for that they have sanctuary this is that. you can’t depend on any regulators or any entities to protect and the problem will get worse.


So what can we do about it? Something peculiar about this situation, the investors who need protection there’s actually really good cryptocurrency projects who fall victim to it these exchange hacks who fall victim and the value of the cryptocurrencies get crushed so you actually have a really good project who suffers because of a hack and then there and then what happens is the community feels the coin is dumping which is a scam coin we see stuff like that all the time there’s not a lot of how can you say this you cannot do in the space of cryptocurrency without receiving some sort of a dramatic reaction and the drama goes both ways I mean we move up 5% all of a sudden people see it as trash.


What cryptocurrency does is that being said though everyone is getting excited and projects are getting so are the scammers so are the hustlers so are the people who want to steal your money everything comes with good and it comes with bad and we’re already seeing it happen.

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$10,000 Bitcoin by November According To BitMEX’s CEO… Is It Possible?

Top story of the day Bitmex’s CEO suggests that Bitcoin will see a green wave in 2019 in surge to $10,000.


It’s possible that Bitcoin could be a ten thousand dollars by the end. The co-founder and CEO of the crypto currency trading platform Bitmex’s, Arthur Hayes has recently made some waves with a fresh Bitcoin price prediction. Hayes argues that Bitcoin will rebound to a $10,000 price point during this year.


This news came in a note by Hayes from Bitmex research desk released on March 22nd and in it Hayes argued that the cryptocurrency market will likely see a drastic market recovery in the fourth quarter of this year, he says that 2019 chopped will be intense but the markets will claw its way back to $10,000 which is significant psychological barrier. 20000 is the ultimate recovery, however it took 11 months from $1,000 to $10,000 but less than one month from 10,000 to 20,000 back to 10,000. Furthermore, the report by Hayes notes that the repair of crypto investors balance sheets is likely not done yet rather it’s going to take some time for The bosses to be digested by the market.


Time heals all wounds right although it’s seeds that 2019 could mainly be boring due to adjusting the losses experienced during the past year it guides that early q4 of 2019 will see a Green Wave sweep the cryptocurrency markets as such it’s entirely likely the cryptocurrency frenzy might once again pick up at the end of the year if Arthur Hays note is to be believed nevertheless this type of prediction should just like always be taken with a healthy heap of salt for sure so is it possible to see Bitcoin at $10,000 at the end of the year.


Bitmex has actually been in the game for a number of years, when the same CEO made his prediction in the beginning of 2017 and again in the bear market of 2018 when bitcoins price was hovering around $1,000 he predicted at the top of 2017 the year would end with Bitcoin being at around $6,000

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1. Tron [TRX] & IOTA Price Action – Traders Uncertain as Both Continue to Consolidate.

2. Andrew Yang is the Bitcoin-Friendly U.S. 2020 Presidential Candidate.

3. Bitcoin Won’t Scale Because It Doesn’t Need to, Says Block.One CEO.

4. Cboe’s about-face on bitcoin futures doesn’t mean institutions aren’t interested in crypto derivatives.

5. An Old Resistance Hurdle Is Back and Could Stall Bitcoin Price Rally.

6. Riot Blockchain Set to Launch a Fully Regulated Crypto Exchange in the US.

7. Ethereum Price Analysis Mar.18: ETH On a Decision Point Facing the Crucial $142 Resistance.

8. Citi won’t launch JPM Coin competitor; opts for supporting existing solutions.

9. NANO Transaction Speed Test on Natrium Wallet.

10. Australian Government to Help Fund Trade Mission to CoinDesk Consensus.

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Word on JPM Coin and Facebook Coin by Peter Todd, Binance CEO, and TRON CEO

Peter Todd, a former Bitcoin Core developer and currently an applied cryptography consultant, Changpeng Zhano (“CZ” for short), Co-Founder and CEO of Binance, and Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, put their views forth for new cryptocurrencies from J.P. Morgan and Facebook.

Todd when questioned about thoughts on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new focus on privacy, he replied that this was like being asked “What are your thoughts on letting Hannibal Lecter babysit your children?”. He then added:
“I’m sure some of his thoughts in there are genuine, and that’s after a long discussion with his lawyers on how to avoid jail time.”

Also he commented by saying, “I think with JPM Coin [and] ZuckCoin… what you’re not seeing is so much technical innovation, what you’re actually seeing is political and regulatory innovation, and why I say that is, I think, Bitcoin created the environment where the existence of coins’ sort of becomes accepted. It has to be accepted. You can’t really make it go away. With the tools regulators have available to them, they have been completely ineffective at stopping Bitcoin… which then creates opportunities for companies like JPM to take advantage of that political landscape and start trying to create their own coins.

But when you talk about creating their own coins, that’s just another iteration of things that have already been done many times over. The difference between JPM Coin and PayPal isn’t that big, and PayPal, when you look at the early history, very clearly wanted to create a coin, but they didn’t have the right political environment to do it, so they then called it a payment service, but the tech between PayPal and JPM Coin is roughly the same… What’s different is things like Bitcoin, which can exist in spite of regulatory pressure.”


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JPM Coin Got nothing on Ripple’s XRP says Binance Research.

The research study done by top crypto exchange Binance analyzed, JP Morgan Chase’s debut of stable coin, arguing that the digital coin brings “minimal direct competition” to Ripple’s XRP token in the near term.

JP Morgan Chase announced incoming launch of its new blockchain settlement offering: a stable coin dubbed JPM Coin, to be backed 1:1 by the bank’s USD reserves.

Binance Research suggests that JPM Coin “could make the institution the largest stable coin issuer on a blockchain measured by circulating supply and total market cap.”

The study continues, is likely to hold potential “precursor to the third generation of stable coins,” aiming the world of traditional finance and to serve particular purposes and business use cases with help of private blockchain-powered tokens.

While JPM Coin may have specific material impact in upgrading the cost and time efficiency of traditional financial services, its implications for the public stable coin market shortly be minimal:
“Large banks and financial institutions […] have a distinct set of advantages in issuing fiat-collateralize stable coins, but these offerings will not displace liquid, publicly traded stable coins in the near-term given their closed ecosystems built on private blockchains.”

Moreover, JPM Coin is unlikely to be tapped by competitors in the banking sectors, who may well release their own native crypto tokens in future as it is a proprietary and centralized network.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon suggested that JPM Coin could gain consumer use and evolve beyond internal use cases.

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Microsoft Shakes hands with Telefonica for expansion of blockchain.

Spain’s biggest multinational telecommunications company, Telefónica, has partnered with Microsoft to expand its digital innovation using blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Telefónica, that restricted multiple blockchain-related partnerships recently, will now work with Microsoft’s Azure platform to develop new services for the telecoms industry.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella commented, “Together, we will apply the power of Azure and Azure AI to create new, innovative experiences for millions of Telefónica customers around the world and shape the future of Telefónica’s network.”

Spectrum of the collaboration is noticeably broad. Microsoft declared, it will include customer-focused technological improvements, building upon previous work carried out by the two companies.

“Specifically, we are already using AI to enhance our customer relationships and are really excited to work with Microsoft to further harness the power of Azure AI,” José María Álvarez-Pallete, chairman and CEO of Telefónica added:
“This agreement strengthens our relationship and our common belief that AI technology and the use of data should be based on solid ethical principles and empower people to control their digital lives.”
Telefónica said it was pursuing blockchain and AI entrepreneurs as part of a financing initiative to support the nascent industries.

Research last year evaluated blockchain alone within the global telecoms arena would top $1 billion by 2023.

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Test net Decentralized Exchange launch date out by Binance CEO

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted the date of release test net version of its new decentralized exchange as Feb. 20.
Binance DEX, aims to provide a decentralized basis for Cryptocurrency holders to trade tokens, removing liability and security hurdles related to traditional, centralized platforms.

The test net release will be public, with Zhao requesting feedback from users in the same tweet.

The date follows previous announcements with more details about Binance DEX, which will include support for Cryptocurrency hardware wallets. This feature will allow users to trade while retaining control of their private keys, says Zhao.

Promises of a test net had circulated since December, with Binance since launching an over-the-counter desk for large volume traders and other expansion features.

At the time DEX was announced, Zhao added that he anticipated it running either in tandem with the original Binance platform or even replacing it altogether, depending on market reactions.

A company spokesperson confirmed in January, Binance is planning to expand into two new markets as in 2019.

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