Bitcoin Has Come Way Too Far – Retailers Around The World That Accept Crypto

Earlier on, when Bitcoin (BTC) arrived on the scene, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts held on to their coins, as there were only so many places they could be spent. Nowadays, the list of marketplaces and retailers accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is significantly larger, providing crypto enthusiasts with more options for making real-world purchases.

Conversations about Bitcoin and the power of cryptocurrencies are becoming more prominent as recognizable organizations like Microsoft and Wikipedia now accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Here are some of the leading retailers, merchants and companies that will let you book flights and hotels, buy coffee or pizza, or even go to space with crypto:

Pay for a burger in Germany with crypto.

Spend crypto at Starbucks and other places.

Buy food with crypto.

Pay with Bitcoin to tour space.

Buy jewelry with Bitcoin.

Send and redeem gift cards with Bitcoin from several retailers, some of which include Burger King, Subway, Amazon and Starbucks.

Travel and pay in Bitcoin.

Use crypto to book a five-star hotel in Zurich.

Pay for electronics and more with crypto.

It seems clear that more retailers are warming up to the idea of accepting cryptocurrencies. There is still a long way to go before full adoption can be achieved.