Akon to have his Own City Funded by his Cryptocurrency.

So now what’s happening with Akon is he is actually building a futuristic city in Senegal? we all thought he was only doing the lighting Africa project but there’s so much more that he’s doing in Africa. People always ask this question who is Akon who is behind Akon? is Akon truly a patriot of the continent or is he a puppet seller being used to manipulate things?


President of Senegal called Macky Sall, gave Akon 2000 acres in Senegal about five minutes away from the major
international Senegalese Airport which is currently under construction and Akon says he is actually going to call it ‘Akon Crypto City’
basically this city is going to be built in Senegal and it’s going to trade exclusively in his own digital currency called the Acoin so he’s launched this crypto currency called the Acoin and that’s what’s going to be used to build this city and then those who live in the city will only be able to exchange and do business and trade using the quorum


Akon says that the Acoin will be the savior of Africa in many ways and just cryptocurrency because a lot of times the government is the one in control of the money.


Shocking to know white supremacist allowed him to have a cryptocurrency named after him also build a city named after him and this whole lighting up Africa thing has actually been a good thing, 17 African countries have benefited with 600 million people got electricity.


He claims to have built a hundred thousand solar street lamps 1.2 thousand solar micro grids and 5,500 jobs, so would you guys ever get involved in the Akon crypto city or is it something you’d be interested in?

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