$100 TRILLION Crypto Market Cap Possible!?

Bitcoin dominance is up to 50.7% we’ve seen it steadily declining and declining and going down and down and all of a sudden today it’s up point two percent. Tether is at 0.3 percent you look at another stable coin USD coin is up 1.05 percent


why is this happening?

well the truth is, when investors get worried about a potential incoming dump. Bitcoin most likely will get hit the least hard or just dollars or Maximum coin up another 36% bitshares or 17% it falls like that. It pretty much happens to any coin that gets listed its price discovery and a lot of times it’s usually just box buying like little percentages kind of pushing the price down.


Brad said, Launchpad program by Nance is an absolute disaster it’s not only bad for people that are looking to invest but it’s terrible for the company that is part of the program, it’s a bad project- investors get greedy once they get profit they dump.


Glancing at the Bitcoin chart noticed that it is getting closer and closer to the end. Volume is still dropping off on Bitcoin Altcoins like aetherium started rallying, when aetherium had its pump that sort of started on December 17th it had peaked all the way roughly 20%
about Bitcoin what did it do? well Bitcoin had the exact same move although it didn’t have as much


Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes he said that he was predicting Bitcoin would be peaking 10,000 by the end of 2019.


The Central Bank of Ireland on Friday stated, “Central banks today are not seeing the value of venturing into the unknown when it comes to issuing a central bank digital currency as such could bring fundamental changes to both financial stability and the monetary system.”

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